So much more than a bike ride

Written by: Diane Bies

Fields of yellow, white, lavender, and red flowers. Dogwood and Redbuds in bloom. Sunny skies with puffs of white clouds providing some shade along with the many trees. What a beautiful show of God’s glory!

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A week of work, a lifetime of positive change

Written by: Coy Ward

Hi, my name is Coy. I have ridden a bike for more than 50 years. Yes, I started really young. I met my wife in a bicycle club so bicycling has played a significant role in my life for a long time. My children were riding in a bicycle trailer when they were just toddlers or younger. Continue reading

A segment rider’s view

Written by: Rebecca Martinez


I have always loved to ride bikes and have been given a few opportunities to ride “long” distances in my life, but the Fuller Center Bike Adventure has been a great opportunity. It is truly a challenge to join a group of “strangers” and test your physical abilities, all while trying to keep a good attitude and not feel ill from fear and dehydration.Continue reading

One of the originals

Written by: Tony Campbell


Two things. First, I have ridden some part of FCBA every year except 2013 since being one of the original 8 from San Diego to Savannah in 2008. Second, I’ve ridden 2 days now with 20 people who have a 7-week head start on me. Okay, three things: I’m 10 years older than in 2008.Continue reading

Generosity lives here

Written by: Mike Scotty

I am most fascinated on these Fuller Center bike adventures by the participants, both bikers and hosts, and their varying levels of faith and contribution. The churches that host us every night along the road go to great lengths to make sure we are comfortable, often making meals for us and getting the whole congregation involved. As grateful as we are to them for the shelter and meals, they seem as or more grateful to us for the work we’re doing.Continue reading

Fuller family … meet my family

Written by: Luke Zavala 



My name is Luke Zavala. I’m from Chicago, and this is my 4th ride with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I’ve ridden down the west coast, across the country, and now I’m riding a couple of weeks through the Midwest. This mission has a special place in my heart. My wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by riding the cross-country route with FCBA in 2016. I’ve met some of my closest friends on this ride. It’s a privilege to get to do life alongside them, serving together to do a small part to improve the lives of one another, as well as the covenant partners across the United States.

Like most of the FCBA riders, it’s sometimes hard to explain to others, at home, the draw of punishing yourself for 75 miles a day—day after day—as you pedal for the better part of every day. Since 2012, I’ve talked to my friends and family back home, and tried to convince them to just buy-in and come along. Last year, my Uncle Mike joined us for a week on the West Coast. He finished his week with a deeper understanding of the draw of the ride, and the amazing work the Fuller Center does.

This year, Uncle Mike is back for 2 weeks. And my Aunt Barbie and Uncle Brian are also joining for one segment, from St. Cloud to Madison. And my brother is joining the ride from Madison to South Bend. It’s been an incredible experience, being able to introduce my blood family to my Fuller Center family. Getting to ride in a pace line with so many people I love is a feeling that is hard to put into words. Getting to walk alongside my family as they jump in with both feet to support my wife and I, and this mission, makes me realize what a lucky guy I am. I look forward to many more years, and many more relatives, getting to smash pedals across the country and support the FCBA’s amazing mission.


Written by: Beth Batchelor 


People from home sometimes think I’m insane when I tell them what I’m doing. People think 75 miles a day for six days in a row is impossible. However, I’m constantly amazed by how even the hardest of days don’t seem quite that hard.Continue reading

The Secret to Sweeping

Written by: Jack Cutler


Today I rode the entire way with my new friend JW on a century (100 miles) journey from Beach ND to Hebron ND. Normally on a Fuller ride, we all ride at our own pace, and although we will often ride with fellow Fuller riders who travel at the same pace, we may not ride the entire day with the same people. In fact, sometimes we ride alone for some or all of the ride. So what was so special about the way I rode during today’s ride? Today JW and I rode together the entire way because we were the “sweeps” for the day.Continue reading